Students honor, remember Black women underrepresented in history

Students from the class Global Black Feminism扫雷红包群群规大全 invited community members to an open house at Green Library to view archival materials related to underrepresented Black women who fought for civil and women’s rights across the world.

What is love?

From the fields of science to sociology, politics and philosophy, here is what Stanford research says about love and romance, in the past and present day.  

Musicologist Albert Cohen has died

an internationally distinguished musicologist, cohen was also known on campus for his decades of service to the department of music.

Helping asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border

in a new spanish immersion class, senior lily foulkes and other stanford students applied their language skills to helping detained spanish-speaking asylum seekers in texas prepare for credible fear interviews.

Stalin did not want an Iron Curtain to descend

in the immediate years after world war ii, josef stalin sought a more flexible, geostrategic approach to advancing soviet interests abroad, according to stanford historian norman naimark.

Makerspaces at Stanford

dozens of spaces at stanford help students and faculty – and, in some cases, staff and community members – explore their inner maker while also supporting those who are experienced creators.

Stanford researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome

despite extensive records of the history of rome, little is known about the city’s population over time. a new genetic history of the eternal city reveals a dynamic population shaped in part by political and historical events.

The fall of Rome was Europe’s lucky break

扫雷红包群群规大全nothing like the roman empire ever emerged again – which was a good thing, says stanford historian walter scheidel. here, he explains why.