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Stanford Engineering —

扫雷红包群群规大全the next era of computing will depend on controlling light the way we now control electricity, and stanford scientists have developed a trick that could do just that.

Faculty Senate makes decisions regarding Press, professoriate

at its feb. 20 meeting, the senate approved an oversight committee for the stanford university press, and approved several motions regarding teaching staff appointments and the status of fellows at designated policy institutes recommended by the committee on the professoriate.

New dean talks about supporting Stanford students

扫雷红包群群规大全mona hicks recently stepped into the role of senior associate vice provost and dean of students. she shares why she joined stanford, the biggest challenges facing student affairs and her approach to helping students in distress.

Students honor, remember Black women underrepresented in history

Students from the class Global Black Feminism扫雷红包群群规大全 invited community members to an open house at Green Library to view archival materials related to underrepresented Black women who fought for civil and women’s rights across the world.

Natural Capital Project —

扫雷红包群群规大全new research maps where hydropower dams impact species critical to human livelihoods.

Stanford Earth —

扫雷红包群群规大全new fossil research shows extinction for smaller marine animals across most of the past 485 million years was more common than once believed.

Stanford Engineering —

aero/astro engineer ken hara is developing computer models to help make a little-known, but widely-used thruster engine more suitable for long-distance missions.

Stanford Law School —

stanford law professor rabia belt, a legal historian whose scholarship focuses on disability and citizenship, explains the caucus system of voting and challenges to democracy.